AURA CITY trade company

Aura City has been in business since 1999 distributing luminaries and lighting equipment from Europe. – Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium… Decorative and technical lighting fittings are constantly in stock. Project department was formed in 2008 to offer customers multiple services including lighting design, etc. In 2010 Aura City signed distributor agreement with Lutron Electronics and got exclusive rights for Ivalo luminaries distribution in Russia.

Nowadays Aura City is one of the leading Russian companies offering wide choice of products and services. We deal with design and architecture studios, system integrators and installers, development and construction companies, furniture and lighting show-rooms all over Russia, etc.

Aura City subunits are:

Project department
- lighting control (Lutron lighting control systems)
- lighting design
- engineering

Internet sales
- on-line sales of lamps, luminaries, chandeliers, etc.
- discounts, special offers, seasonal sales
- advanced search options

- new collections and top sellers on display
- presentations, workshops, etc.
- favourable location